History To-Go: Toys and Games

Image from a box side
Toys and games are a lot different for kids today than they were in the past! Toys were almost always handmade from materials that were cheap and available (like corncob dolls) and were passed down from sibling to sibling. The toys you played with were often based on your gender because children’s activities were designed to help you prepare for life as an adult. Girls would often have toys and games related to caring for a family and being part of society, like baby dolls, hand looms, and tea sets. Boys would play with things to prepare them for lives of work and leadership, like toy soldiers, model trains, and drums and bugles. Children of the past had less time to play than kids today – once you were old enough to help with chores, most of a child’s day was taken up by work and school.

August's "History To-Go" box features Toys and Games! You can come by the museum starting Tuesday August 2, 2022 to pick up a box (limit 2 per family). Limited supplies, so come early!  You can select the links below to access the box contents if you cannot get to the museum to pick yours up!

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Thanks to funding from the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex Foundation Inc, and the Arts Council of Fayetteville we are offering FREE "History To-Go", take home craft kits.