Home-Bound History

Bit of History Video Series

Video 1 - The First Flight Photograph

Video 2 - The Cape Fear River

Video 3 - Omar Ibn Said

Video 4 - The North Carolina Flag

Video 5 - North Carolina Symbols

Video 6 - Chang and Eng Bunker: Siamese Twins

Video 7 - Dr. Anna Julia Cooper

Video 8 - Civil War Quiz Bowl Questions

Video 9 - Hiram Rhodes Revels

Video 10 - Blockade Runner, Modern Greece

Video 11 - Civil War Quiz Bowl Questions 2

Video 12 - 19th Amendment Centennial

Dancing Stories Video Collection


A Dancing Stories instructional video.

Man From The Congo

Used to demonstrate how to interact with others honorably in different social circumstances.

Modou Gets A Drum

A retelling of a story inspired by West African traditions.